In recent years the docks at Harbor Centre Marina have been subject to substantial damage due to excessive ice buildup during the winter months. In hopes of minimizing and possibly eliminating this potential damage, the marina will be using aeration equipment this winter. How does this affect you?

  • Late Season Boat Traffic

With the aeration equipment installed as of today, November 11th, no slips will be occupiable.  Aeration units are submerged in the middle of the slip well with two lines from the center cleats on each finger pier.  The units will not be powered on until we reach freezing temperatures.  As you can see from the photo below, when not in use the fully submerged equipment is difficult to spot.  All slip wells and T-Heads have this equipment currently installed.  Please pass this information along to anyone who might yet be traveling up and down the west coast of Lake Michigan.

  • Ice Fishing in the Marina

Ice will still form within the marina basin but the aeration equipment will prevent ice from forming in thickness greater than two inches. The formation of this thin ice is deemed unsafe to walk on or support weight of any kind. Ice fishing will not be allowed in the marina basin due to these safety concerns. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) advises individuals not to ice fish on ice less than four inches thick. Signage will be placed at all access points to the marina basin. No access will be available to the dock system as of today, November 11th.

Please feel free to contact myself with any questions and concerns.
Yours in boating,

Matthew Bauer

General Manager
Harbor Centre Marina